Get to know carrageenan


There are a lot of things that go as a part of your everyday’s life that you don’t know. And carrageenan is one of them. Even though it’s easy to find and a part of your daily consumption, not everybody knows about this ingredient. So what is carrageenan? And where can youfind it? What does it for and is it safe for you? To answer those questions here are some information about carrageenan.

About carrageenan

wh4tbc4You might know seaweed from a Japanese dish in sushi, ramen topping, dessert, and many other culinary dishes. Apparently, there is another occasion where you are eating this plant aside from in a Japanese dish. Carrageenan is made out of red seaweed. And marinalg carrageenan is an excellent place to go to for you to know better about carrageenan. You can find it in a lot of food from powdered creamers to pudding and yogurt. And it is a natural food ingredient that comes from red marine plants and algae. It is also used in a lot of healthy and organic food. Maybe try and look if carrageenan is a part of your food next time to see how often do you consume this ingredient.

Why is it in your food

You might be wondering, what is the purpose of this element in my beverage? What does it do? And why is it in your food? Well, the main thing is it binds your food together and thickens it as gelation does, but the number one difference is carrageenan is not made from an animal. The use of carrageenan can be traced back to centuries ago from Ireland, the first place where carrageenan was produced from red seaweed and used in cooking a meal. In the present days, people have found even more use to carrageenan than just turning milk into pudding. It is discovered that it has other benefits as well such as lowering fat content and stabilize food which helps in reducing the food waste during the production process.

Is it safe for you

jr4ncfbyA lot of health and food department or institution have declared that it is safe for you. There is this quote that says “In God we trust, everyone else brings data.” this emphasizes the importance of looking at the data when talking about anything scientific. And a lot of scientific research and studies have proven that carrageenan is harmful to you. It even serves an essential purpose of keeping nutritions intact for infant food products.…