Finding the best skin care product


With many skincare products available out there. Try Nu Skin reviews so that you don’t end up confused on which product to choose. Every day on radio and TV you will hear of the latest well-packaged skin care products that can handle all your skin problems. But are you keen to get that product that can work perfectly with your skin tone? Then stop hopping from one skin care product to another and take a step back. Understand your core needs before going for that product, start by knowing your skin type. For anybody looking to find the best skin care product, this are the tips to guide you.

Skin type


People have different skin type. Some have dry skin, and some may have oily skin while others can have a combination of both. Knowing your skin type is the simplest thing that a person can do even at home. Take some warm water and wash your face gently, do not dry your face with anything let it dry naturally for a few minutes. By the end of five minutes if your face feels dry then it is simple, you have dry skin. If not then give yourself approximately thirty minutes and try to squeeze your skin gently. If you see oily spots, then your skin is oily, but if you squeeze and observe whitish greasy, then you have a combination of oily and dry skin.

Skin tone and complexion

sdffasdfdfgfSkin tone does determine how the sun will react with your skin. Knowing your skin will give you the basis of the skin care product to buy. Do not confuse skin tone with skin complexion. Skin tone is the underlying layer of your skin it is categorized as warm, cool, or neutral. Complexion can be described as the look on the out layer of your skin this can be classified into, fair, light medium and dark. Knowledge of your skin tone and complexion will help you find the best skin care product.


Read the product ingredient

After understanding your skin type, tone, and complexion, it is now simple to know the skin care products you need. Be careful about some products as some may contain chemicals that can harm your skin. A visit to the dermatologist will save you the headache of trying all the available product to know the one that will work well with your skin type. Your dermatologist should advise you on the best ingredient to look for in a product, he or she should also warn you of the ones to refrain from.…