Hotel and Golf Clubs

If you have ever stayed at Lichfield Hotels then you do not need an introduction to the excellent facilities at this classy hotel. This hotel offers excellent accommodation, top class facilities and even a golf course. One thing that makes this hotel stand out is the golf course. In fact, many of the customers who visit this hotel regularly do this because they can enjoy a bit of golf while they are here. Below are some of the benefits of having golf clubs and golf courses in hotels.

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Love of the Sport 

Golf is a great sport and golfers always go to places where they can enjoy playing the game. It follows that if you have a course on the grounds of your hotel or even a golf club near the hotel, you will attract many guests and this means more money for the hotel.

Mixing Business with Pleasure

Many people who visit hotels are on business trips but it never hurts to mix business with a bit of pleasure. Traditional pastimes like shopping, swimming, walking and working out in the hotel gym do not come anywhere near playing golf on the grounds of the hotel. A hotel with a golf club or a golf course will attract many guests from the upper crust of the society.

Clean and Green

This is the era of clean and green living and a golf course is a perfect example of how man and nature can work together. A golf course in your hotel means you have an island of nature in the middle of the modern metropolitan area. Apart from the golfers and their golfing gear, the green golf course will attract singing birds and this will add a touch of nature to your hotel.

The Golf Course is Good Business

Golf is not just a game. It is a game for influential business people and smart investors. In fact, many business deals are consummated on the golf course. If this is true (and it is), it follows that having a golf course on the grounds of your hotel is an excellent piece of business. Many millionaire investors will stay in your hotel whenever they are in town. In effect, your golf course will make your hotel the perfect meeting point for high net worth individuals.

Final Word

A golf course or a golf club in your hotel is a wonderful idea. It makes business and it is great for the great for the environment. Find a way to incorporate a golfing area in the hotel and you will smile all the way to the bank.