Benefits of playing ping pong

Sports are highly encouraged because it is a way for the body to stay active and healthy. In a modern world where people sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day, sports are highly valuable. Physical activities keep your body healthy and free from lifestyle diseases that may hamper body functions. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity are some of the conditions that could be kept at bay with a bit of indulgence in sports. Ping pong is a popular sport that can be played indoors and outdoors. You can enjoy ping pong in the house with your friends or a sports hall with the community. The type of ping pong table will enhance the experience and if you have picked one you will agree that It is indeed a competitive game that is played by not more than four. It helps to keep your busy active and improve your agility as well as eyes coordination.

There are numerous advantages attributed to playing ping pong and they are listed as follows;

Lose weight

Ping pong requires a lot of running between the edges of the table. Such running will help you to burn enough extra calories, and in the long run, this will help you stay fit. The regular runs increase your heart rate as well as breathing. Speed and movement will allow you to sweat and this is an indication of elimination of excessive fat. At the end of the day, you are able to lose weight in a fun and enjoyable manner.

Improves hand-eye coordination

Ping pong requires excellent coordination among several body organs but hands and eyes and the most significant ones. This is because you have to strike the ball in the exact direction that you require. Therefore you must indulge the brain to stimulate neurons which are supposed to send signals to your hand on how and where to hit the ball. Through such coordination, you are able to get a perfect range to beat and overcome your opponent. Hand and eye coordination are gravely important in many functions in life and they include typing and driving.

Boosts your moods

In a bid to fend for ourselves and families it is inevitable to get anxious, overwhelmed, fatigued and depressed. Therefore it is vital to engage in activities that can distract you from the daily struggles and help you cheer up. Ping pong is a great way of increasing neurotransmitters, and this is vital in maintaining a happy and cheerful mood. Anything that stimulates your brain is essential because your energy levels are enhanced. Good energy helps you to stay active enough to work, study and remain productive.


Finding the best skin care product


With many skincare products available out there. Try Nu Skin reviews so that you don’t end up confused on which product to choose. Every day on radio and TV you will hear of the latest well-packaged skin care products that can handle all your skin problems. But are you keen to get that product that can work perfectly with your skin tone? Then stop hopping from one skin care product to another and take a step back. Understand your core needs before going for that product, start by knowing your skin type. For anybody looking to find the best skin care product, this are the tips to guide you.

Skin type


People have different skin type. Some have dry skin, and some may have oily skin while others can have a combination of both. Knowing your skin type is the simplest thing that a person can do even at home. Take some warm water and wash your face gently, do not dry your face with anything let it dry naturally for a few minutes. By the end of five minutes if your face feels dry then it is simple, you have dry skin. If not then give yourself approximately thirty minutes and try to squeeze your skin gently. If you see oily spots, then your skin is oily, but if you squeeze and observe whitish greasy, then you have a combination of oily and dry skin.

Skin tone and complexion

sdffasdfdfgfSkin tone does determine how the sun will react with your skin. Knowing your skin will give you the basis of the skin care product to buy. Do not confuse skin tone with skin complexion. Skin tone is the underlying layer of your skin it is categorized as warm, cool, or neutral. Complexion can be described as the look on the out layer of your skin this can be classified into, fair, light medium and dark. Knowledge of your skin tone and complexion will help you find the best skin care product.


Read the product ingredient

After understanding your skin type, tone, and complexion, it is now simple to know the skin care products you need. Be careful about some products as some may contain chemicals that can harm your skin. A visit to the dermatologist will save you the headache of trying all the available product to know the one that will work well with your skin type. Your dermatologist should advise you on the best ingredient to look for in a product, he or she should also warn you of the ones to refrain from.…

Health benefits of using honey

Honey is the most popular and preferred sweetener on earth. This is because it has a lot of health benefits that are associated with it. Honey is included in the several foods that have been listed as power foods which you should ensure are in your kitchen. In this article, we discuss the various benefits of using honey in your daily lifestyle.

Acts as an antioxidant

Various experts have concluded that raw honey can raise health-promoting antioxidants levels in your body. The antioxidants help in blocking free radicals that cause diseases in the body. On the other hand, it acts as a preventive that is against diseases hence boosting the immune system. Similarly honey has polyphenols that are potent antioxidants which are important in the reduction of heart diseases and even cancer.

Source of natural energy

Raw honey is known for its provision of energy that is easily absorbed, and it is in the form of glycogen. This is essential for enabling energetic morning beginnings and post and pre-energy source. It is recommended that you take honey before and after exercise. This is because honey will help you get energized after a workout or before you start your workout.

Helps in weight management

For individuals who want to lose weight then it is important that you incorporate the use of honey into your diet. Studies that have been done before indicate that honey can help in losing weight. This can be done through eliminating sugar and replacing it with honey. On the other hand, honey is known to suppress your appetite hence will bar you from eating a lot.

Promotes healthy sleep

Taking of raw honey has been associated with restoration of sleep. If you take honey before bedtime, It will restock your liver’s supply of glycogen and will alter the brain from triggering the search of fuel that can make you awake. Secondly, raw honey will prevent the release of melatonin in your brain through the creation of small amounts of insulin that stimulates the production of tryptophan.

Heals ulcers and wounds

Bandages that have honey infused in them will help in the healing of a wound where they are tied. This is because studies have concluded that honey is one of the natural antibacterials that contains wound healing effects. Honey enables body fluids in making of hydrogen peroxide which creates an environment that is not good for the survival of bacteria. Honey is also applied to burns in cases of burn wounds. Honey can be used together with ghee in the healing of wounds.…

Tips for choosing a family doctor

Having a particular doctor to take care of your family medical needs is really a very good idea. The doctor takes care of the whole family. There are physicians who have specialized in one area like pediatricians who are doctors specifically who treat children. However, family physicians are professionals who have been trained to treat all the areas of medical problems. The family doctor will care for you throughout your entire life despite age or sex. They care for mental, physical and emotional health. There are several doctors around and choosing one can be hectic. Discussed in this article are tips that can help you when selecting a family doctor.

Doctor’s expertise

When looking for a family doctor to hire it is very important that you check on the skills and qualification of the doctor. Your family health and your health are very delicate and need a professional to take care of your medical needs. Get a family doctor who has the expertise that will help you meet the health needs of your family. Some doctors have trained solely for the family care, and this category of doctors should be considered when selecting a family doctor.

License and certification

Secondly, it is essential that when looking for a family doctor you should check if the doctor you wish to hire is licensed and certified by the relevant authorities. This is to avoid falling prey of the quack doctors who pretend to be family doctors. Ask the doctor to show you all the certification documents and ensure that the doctor is licensed to operate as a doctor. If a doctor does not have any of these, then you should not hire such an individual.

Location of the doctor

A family doctor is one who comes in any time of the day to ensure the health needs of your family are taken care of. When selecting a family doctor then you should consider the location of the doctor that you want to hire. Get a doctor who has proximity to your house. This will be of great significance because in cases of emergencies then the doctor will be able to arrive in time. On the other hand, you should be close to the doctor so that even when you want to visit then you can get there so easily.

Make a visit

After identifying the family physician, it will be important that you take a visit and meet the doctor in person and have all your concerns clarified. A visit will help you know the doctor well.…

Olive Glenn Golf & Country Club

Olive Glenn Golf & Country Club

Olive Glenn Golf & Country Club is located in the broad valley where the Shoshone River emerges from the snowcapped Rockies in northwest Wyoming. Here the skies are wide and blue, the air is clean and filled with the scent of sage, deer and antelope play, and buffalo still roam less than an hour’s drive away in Yellowstone National Park.

Legendary PGA Tour Professional Billy Casper’s drive on June 23, 1970, marked the opening of

Olive Glenn Golf and Country Club. The 18-hole par 72 championship course was designed by Bob Baldock and features excellently groomed fairways and gently sloping, quick putting surfaces.

The semi-private course is open from April 1 through November 1. The course offers a full service PGA staffed golf shop and features a practice range and putting green on site. Daily play is welcome; tee times are available one week in advance by contacting the golf shop at (307) 587-5551. Other Club facilities – full-service restaurant, fitness center, swimming pool/hot tub, and tennis courts – are open to club members year-round.…